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We have re-invented the Bike Light. The successor to the Xlite and truly a game-changer. The first Bike Light powerful enough to be called pro. People are moving away from mundane, towards products that exemplify superior quality and unmatched attention to detail.

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UK bike lights law | Steady or flashing, do I need reflectors and can I be fined? - BikeRadar

When it comes to safely riding a bike around cars, the more lights, the better. The build is pretty simple — a coin cell-powered ATtiny85 reads input from a spring vibration sensor and flashes the LEDs. He cleverly used cardboard and a laser cutter to mock up a prototype for a board that fits between the spokes. Pretty cool for your second professionally-fabbed PCB ever, if you ask us. Ride past the break to check out the build video. When the wheel spins the spring accelerometer short circuits and the LEDs turn on.

Daytime Running Lights

Is a flashing light legal or do they have to be steady? And do you have to fit reflectors too? Here, we set the facts straight.
Persistence of Vision POV effects let you display arbitrary images with just a few controllable pixels on a fast moving object by changing the pixels' colours fast enough. This is yet another implementation of POV on a bike wheel. Adafruit has a similar project , they sell the kits and have it well documented, there's probably a few more implementations.
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