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Some common synonyms of torment are afflict , rack , torture , and try. While all these words mean "to inflict on a person something that is hard to bear," torment suggests persecution or the repeated inflicting of suffering or annoyance. While the synonyms afflict and torment are close in meaning, afflict is a general term and applies to the causing of pain or suffering or of acute annoyance, embarrassment, or any distress. The words rack and torment are synonyms, but do differ in nuance.
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Cock and ball torture CBT , penis torture or dick torture is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the penis or testicles. This may involve directly painful activities, such as genital piercing , wax play , genital spanking , squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, urethral play , tickle torture , erotic electrostimulation , kneeing or kicking. Many of these practices carry significant health risks. Similar to many other sexual activities, CBT can be performed using toys and devices to make the penis and testicles more easily accessible for attack, or for foreplay purposes. A ball stretcher is a sex toy that is used to elongate the scrotum and provide a feeling of weight pulling the testicles away from the body. This can be particularly enjoyable for the wearer as it can make an orgasm more intense, as testicles are prevented from moving up. Intended to make one's testicles permanently hang much lower than before if used regularly for extended periods of time , this sex toy can be potentially harmful to the male genitals as the circulation of blood can be easily cut off if over-tightened.
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Authorities in the Netherlands have discovered an apparent torture site hidden inside shipping containers, which were lined with sound-proofing material and filled with assumed torture devices, the country's National Prosecutor's Office has said. Officers raided the site at Wouwse Plantage on the Dutch-Belgian border on June 22, arresting six men suspected of kidnapping and hostage taking. They found six shipping containers which had been converted to what are believed to be "prison cells," as well as a stash of weaponry including pruning shears and loppers. One of the units also contained a dental chair, with straps for feet and arms. Authorities say the investigation began in April, during which officers were able to access an encrypted chat network -- EncroChat -- to track the group's movements and plans.
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It is about a widower, Shigeharu Aoyama Ryo Ishibashi , whose son suggests that he should find a new wife. Aoyama agrees, and with a friend, stages a phony audition to meet a potential new partner in life. After interviewing several women, Aoyama becomes interested in Asami Eihi Shiina , who responds well to him, although as they date, her dark past affects their relationship.
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