What is a vagina supposed to smell like

If you have ANY concerns, go to your doctor, get a Pap Smear if your sexually active, get an STI check, and make sure they take vaginal swabs to see if there are any abnormalities. Some symptoms may be as simple as thrush- caused by an increased in yeasty products in the system, i. It is normal to have a little amount of whitish discharge throughout your menstrual cycle, you will also notice it will go clear as well- good time to get pregnant during this time. Changes in your hormones also changes things. Your vagina cleans its self through this mucus production, therefore it is important not to douche, because you are washing out all the good bacteria in your vagina, which has been mentioned- could cause an infection- douching is also addictive!! Instead of trying to resolve your symptoms, look at the cause- that is why your doctor will take a swab of inside your vagina to see under a microscope what will be grown-.

What is vagina supposed to smell like?

What is a vagina supposed to smell like anyway? - Breanne Kallonen

Depends a lot on ones diet. Second a Vagina's female odor is an aphrodisiac. But man has come along with his sprays, goo's, and funky perfumes and killed the beauty of that scent. It can have the odor of sea life but that is natures call. All of those creams, sprays, douching s can lead to great problems. The tampon is the worst enemy of them all.

What is a vagina supposed to smell like anyway?

All vaginas have a scent—and no, it's not a bouquet of roses. Here's how to tell when something is off down below. You can always count on Gwyneth Paltrow to introduce bizarre new products and treatments, like vampire repellent spray and vagina steaming. Period , tells Health. Depending on the time of the month, vaginal discharge can change in smell as well as consistency.
While the amount changes throughout your cycle, discharge is usually clear or white with no strong smell or distinct colour. With this in mind, read on for an explanation of four common vaginal odours and what to do about them:. A strong fishy smell coming from your vagina could be a sign of bacterial vaginosis. According to the NHS , BV is not classed as a sexually-transmitted infection, but can be passed on to another woman during sex. A fishy odour may also signal trichomoniasis if accompanied by a heavier, green or yellow discharge.
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