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MAC : Society has long had ways to take care of unwed single mothers involving older men. Single women with a daughter seem to have it much worse in the dating scene than single women with sons which seems strange since step sons can be so much more of a pain. It it what a real estate agent would call a large bedroom and everyone one else would call a small closet. They used to be a result of renovating old row houses and getting rid of older larger rooms need for things like the heater. This would end in a murder and a made for TV movie on Lifetime.
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Ted and Sue sat at the hotel lounge bar looking over at and commenting on the different groups men that inhabited the dimly lit establishment. We said that if you did this, you would be the one to say who it would be with. Ted indeed wanted to watch someone fuck his wife. They had married young, and now with both of them in their mid-forties, sex was not anywhere near as exciting as it had been even five years ago. Until recently Sue had denied feeling the same way, but after much discussion she had admitted that at times she was less than turned on, and had in fact faked orgasms more than once. After nearly a year of Ted trying to talk her into it, they were here at this bar, with rented a room waiting upstairs with the intention of picking up a young guy and bringing him back there to fuck her while Ted watched. They both looked across the room to check the guy out.
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Several years ago, my wife, Brandie, and I, had been separated for eight months, but for a compassionate reason. Her Mother, who lived in another state, had been diagnosed with cancer and needed someone to care for her in her last several months of life. So, Brandie made the decision to move in with her Mom, take care of her to her passing, then dispose of her assets, and close out all of her affairs. My wife and I were both in our fifties and had been married for over twenty years. We were passionately in love with each other and had a very active sex life.
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